Here’s a Headline – More Leather Below

Sorry for the lame-o headline. I’m tired of writing headlines. I write them every day for work and I’ve already written three today, so I’m spent.

But there is more leather below.

First up a custom order for a guitar strap I’m working on. It’s not completely finished yet, but I was psyched about the design, which turned out the way I wanted it to and (I hope) the way its new owner had in mind.

Below that is a leather seatbag for road racing, or whatever form of cycling you fancy. These will be available at Downtown Bike Hounds in Hamilton starting Tuesday December 8th.

A little farther down the page is a Christmas ornament of the dude from Log Driver’s Waltz. Canada Vignettes anyone? No? Maybe this link will jog your memory.

Happy holidays hosers!

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